Why want to evolve professionally?

Professional evolution… the coveted phase of many people… but is it absolutely necessary to want to evolve?

What are the most common motivations related to professional development?

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Is there only money that counts in all of this?

In what case is evolution a danger to you? for others?

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Answers to these questions in episode 5!

Listening duration: 6’58

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Article Plan

  • Text version: Should we (absolutely) evolve professionally?
      • Motives
      • Too much damage!
      • Not being able to handle is not a mistake
      • Motivations against the work profile
      • Increase in salary at what price?
      • Title vs. recognition
      • Do I have an intuition?

Text version: Should we (absolutely) evolve professionally?

Many want to evolve professionally. What are we looking for behind evolution? What this stage represents coveted?


Here are some reasons that I hope will allow you to identify your real motives if you want evolution.

  • First, we will not turn around the plate, majority of people think “increase” when they hear “evolution”.
  • Second possible reason: a better position in the hierarchy. Let’s be more recognized, to climb this pyramid to be a little closer to the top than the base.
  • Third reason: it could be an opportunity to be transferred elsewhere if this position that leads us to evolve is not possible in our region. Owl, we’re gonna change the air, find something else.
  • another reason is to have more responsibility, to be challenged, to break this routine.
  • Then, to have a position of manager. Whether it is project manager or manager person, but often it is at once, often goes together.

There are still other reasons to evolve in his career. With this small list, can you step back on your patterns?

Too much damage!

What is the interest of this podcast? I’m going straight to the point. There is too much damage caused by people in managerial positions, when they are not done for it. If you want a professional evolution that involves managing a team, make sure you are motivated AND equipped for it. Perhaps you are very good, very professional, who masters your domain perfectly, that you are an excellent running… but if it’s not in your manager profile, build and build a team, try to evolve differently…

Not being able to handle is not a mistake

You’re not made for that, but you’re made for something else.

For example, you may be a great journalist, but if you want to be a director of communications, what’s left in the journalistic field? Very little. The rest will be team management, Retro schedules, budget management, service providers and more… Here we are far from journalistic writing.

You are an excellent nurse, you love your work, you love patients… but are you trying to become a chief nurse? Are you made for that? Managing a paramedical project, providing support and support to the healthcare team? Organize programs, absences, list needs, stress management, etc… you enter a different universe.

Motivations against the professional profile

So if you are among those who want professional development and this evolution involves having other people under your leadership — look carefully at your real motives, and most importantly, your profile… I will not talk about skills, but about profile. We all have profiles that correspond to certain jobs and that do not not match others. It is not about being capable or incapable. It’s rather: I’m made for this or not…

Increase in salary at what price?

Looking for a salary increase? Ask for a salary increase, or look for a similar position in a box that pays better. It is very difficult what I say because I am aware that the demand for increase affects the issue of purchasing power which is low for many. But do not sacrifice your lives and, above all, those of others for money. Because if you are not made for this, you will be the first to have a difficult daily life and impose a rotten daily life on the people who will be under your authority. And indeed snowball, there can be consequences for health, on families, on couples.

If on the contrary, you know you want manage, that teamwork stimulates you and excites you, that you handle stress very well, pass! Come on! Apply for this professional evolution!

Title vs. Recognition

If your motivation is greater recognition, willingness to have greater importance in your box — already know that the title will not make you the person. Having the title of “manager” or “manager” does not necessarily make you a “good manager” or “good manager”. And you’ll be even less “a value manager or a value manager”. The label is not enough. The atmosphere of the team will testify to your actions as a manager. So it’s not having a position of authority that you will necessarily have more appreciation. On the contrary, you are a better placed target, alas. So try to discern what is really at stake, at home personally, in your quest for recognition or status. Will an additional title solve the problem? It’s just a question I’m asking you…

Do I have an intuition?

And here I turn to the decision-makers of companies, revise your recruitment methods, even internally! Feeling is not enough! I am Specific tools available to assess candidate profiles and eligibility for positions.

And for other sources of motivation: for example the desire to change, to be challenged, to discover other things professionally, but yes! These are great motivations that will make you grow, I’m sure!

I leave you with those reflections that have not necessarily patted you in the direction of the hair, I recognize it… but as a laborious psyche, we see too much damage. So if you want to awaken consciences with me, feel free to share this podcast in bulk! And before, I thank you.