How to Choose The Best Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablets are different from the regular tablets we use every day. They offer a more sensitive screen for drawing. Whether you are an artist or a professional graphic designer, going digital with drawing tablets is an upgrade. There are a lot of things to look out for when shopping for one.

Pressure sensitivity

This is an essential factor to consider before choosing a drawing tablet. Pressure sensitivity is the range of pressure a tablet can recognize. When the sensitivity is higher, it means you can control the thickness of the line according to the amount of pressure on the pen. With more sensitivity comes a higher price. So be ready to pay more for it.

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Most entry-level drawing tablets have 4,000 levels of pressure. This may be a good starting baseline to look for.

Software compatibility

A good drawing tablet should come with different software programs like Corel and photoshop. It would be best if you did not have to compromise by using software you aren’t family with. You should not have to learn a new program just to use the device. This is why you should know the compatibility of your favorite software with the drawing tablet.

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Physical size 

This is another critical factor to consider. Portability is important to most graphic designers. You will need to take it wherever you go. Therefore, a portable and lightweight device is ideal. For instance, the repaper drawing tablet weighs less than a pound. It is also incredibly slim. The same goes for the XP-Pen Artist Pro 12. 

Another consideration to make is the size of the screen. Some drawing tables offer a large area to work with. Ten inches is the average size, but some can be as small as six inches. If you need more room to work on, then go for a tablet with a larger display size or surface area. 


The prices of drawing tablets differ among different manufacturers. There are affordable devices for $200 or less, while others can go as high as $2,000. Choose one that reflects your needs and skills while also putting your budget into consideration.
If you are a newbie, a cheaper one may be ideal. You can opt for a more expensive one if you are an expert. Not also that price does not always connote quality. Some can offer the same features and be more affordable.

Other features

Features like Bluetooth can come in handy for your drawing tablet. You need to be able to connect your drawing to your computer or phone on the go. Bluetooth connection makes it possible. Look out for a drawing tablet that has Bluetooth connectivity. 

Also, the tablet should be able to work with different operating systems like macOS, iOS, and Windows. This way, you can easily send your designs to any other smart device. 

Lastly, what accessories will it come with? Does the package include a stylus, or will you have to buy it separately? These are a few things you need to consider before purchasing a drawing tablet. You can see here a nice comparison between the main drawing tablets available.