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When does the New York Stock Exchange open?


  • What hours does the New York Stock Exchange open and close?
    • Why it is imperative to learn this schedule:
  • More information about NYSE:
  • What are the indices and type of cap used by NYSE:
  • The New York Stock Exchange Index Listing System:
  • The Crossing of the New York Stock Exchange with Euronext:
  • The New York Stock Exchange over the

How to start on the Stock Exchange?

In this article, we will show you 40 tips to start on the stock exchange in 2021 from scratch.

Article summary:

  • Tip #1 to start well on the stock exchange: Train yourself before taking action Advice #2 to start well on the
  • stock exchange: Escape forex Advice #3 to start well on the
  • stock exchange: Escape binary options
  • Advice #4

How do banks calculate the interest rate?

So many people would like to know how a credit rate is set. Why do some get better rates than others? Why do some organizations offer cheap credit and others are higher? We will explain all the mechanisms involved in determining a credit rate.

Need to set the rate of a credit to be profitable

A lending organization of any …


How to have a RIB in his name?

You have certainly heard about the RIB. This is what allows the identification of your bank account. It is therefore a very useful document, but it is not always easy to read. Here are all our explanations on this valuable document and all the codes it contains, as well as all the solutions to know how to have a


How to lift a purchase option?

As part of a unilateral promise to sell real estate (apartment, house, business or commercial premises), the buyer has an option called “option waiver”. As long as this option is activated, the beneficiary of the promise to sell reserves the right, at any time, to decide whether to buy the real estate in question or not. So in this …


How do the options work?

Have you heard about stock exchange options? If it’s no, it’s not surprising because the media and financial sites are very focused on the equity market. In this sense, it is more familiar for individuals who want to put a foot on the stock exchange. Still, investing with options can help you build, manage, and protect your stock portfolio. What’s …


What is the price of the gold ingot?

centuries, gold has been the most sought after precious metal in the world, coveted for its cultural and financial values. More recently, in the form of ingots, gold has become a marketable asset. The gold ingot 1 kg is now considered the ultimate benchmark for investment in precious metals. Although the growing enthusiasm of individuals for gold has …


What is a mutual broker?

Before subscribing to a mutual health, it is normal to do some research to find an offer with an optimal level of coverage and that adapts to its needs and budget. After all, the objective of taking out such insurance is to be able to benefit from medical care that social security does not reimburse. However, there are many offers …


What is the difference between an option and a Covered Warrant?

On April 28th, I was invited by Citigroup to the conference “Optimize your turbo trading with technical analysis”. I also had the pleasure of meeting some of you…

During this conference, I explained why I chose to use turbos rather than other derivatives such as warrants or options. I would like to come back to this subject today to give …


Can I withdraw after an offer to purchase?

The withdrawal of the buyer after acceptance of the offer to purchase is possible under certain conditions.

It is appropriate for the buyer who wishes to withdraw to have a precise knowledge of his rights in this matter and of what he risks in the event of non-compliance with the rules applicable to the sale of a house.

The principle …