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How to properly manage your business?

Being a good manager is not limited to hiring and managing employees. Managers are often trained in several directions at the same time and their ability to manage everything correctly and effectively is essential to their success.

Managers need to learn how to create the right manager/employee relationship so that both parties work at their highest level.

How to properly …


What is the best place to start your business?

The World Bank has revealed its rankingof the world’s most attractive economies to launch its business, Doing Business 2019 . The podium has remained unchanged since last year with New Zealand leading, followed by Singapore , then Denmark in 3rd place. France, meanwhile, is only in32nd position!

A large number of reforms introduced

The World Bank develops, …


Common difficulties of a company

If you want to undertake, you need to take into account a number of difficulties that you will encounter throughout your life as a leader. These generate stress that you will have to manage to control so as not to end up in burn out. Here are the main ones you will have to learn how to manage.

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How to start your business in the UK?

In recent years, many French people decided to settle in the United Kingdom, not to work in the City or catering as has been the case historically, but to become entrepreneurs. The UK’s attractiveness to business creators is growing, especially since the coming of the Socialists to power. Whether for reasons of flexibility, taxation or infrastructure, London has assets that …


What is a WhatsApp Business Account?

WhatsApp Business is a new messaging app designed for businesses. It makes it easier to communicate with customers through the famous instant messaging.

The question arises: WhatsApp Business, the beginning of a revolution for brands?

Yes… and no. Because despite its advantages, WhatsApp Business also poses some problems, in terms of data protection and functionality.

In this article, we explain …


How do I use SAP software?

The primary objective of both large and small businesses is the same: to ensure the sustainability of their business. To achieve this goal effectively, several major innovations have been adopted by most structures. Among them, the installation of integrated management software such as SAP. This means, in other words, that the different professions of the company are integrated into a …


What are the websites?

Whatever your industry, being visible on the Net is essential to increase your #communication capital. Companies are increasingly using the Net as a showcase, it is a privileged medium to communicate about its activity and reach a targeted audience .

3D demo of the homepage of the showcase of the domain of finets by the web agency AntheDesign

A …


How to create a professional website?

With many service providers offering different tariffs, it is not always easy to know who to turn to create your company’s website. Having created this site from A to Z, I discovered that in reality, it was not as complicated and as expensive as we wanted to make us believe and that’s why I decided to share with you this …


How to measure engagement?

In recent years, managers have made employee engagement at work a priority. If this concept became so important, it is because the company became aware that engagement at work has a direct impact on its performance. As a result, employee engagement has become a strong strategic issue. But what exactly is meant by commitment? And how to measure employee engagement? …