How do I use an eBook?

Reading an ebook is an increasingly popular hobby by many readers around the world. In the digital age, it seems easier to start an ebook on your eReader, or on its various connected devices, than to open a good old paper book.

With accessibility anywhere, anytime, and with rates displayed at 30% cheaper on average than for a paper book, the ebook has something to seduce .

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So to regain the feeling and pleasure of reading, or if you just want to experiment with a new way of reading with the ebook, we will explain the steps to follow in the rest of this article dedicated to it.

Are you definitely wondering where to find the best ebooks on the market and how to buy them? These are the questions we will answer here.

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Where to buy ebooks?

Buying ebooks is like buying a paper book, with the difference that bookstores are on the web in this particular case. When it comes to selling ebooks, the largest online bookstore is none other than .

Indeed, thanks to the American giant, reading ebooks is within reach of everyone, and does not necessarily require the purchase of an eReader to enjoy it.

With the free app “Kindle”, compatible on Android and iOS, you can now have access to hundreds of thousands of virtual books , in all languages, directly on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Kindle eReader.

With very attractive prices and a library that gets rich day by day, you can tell you that is a top notch platform in this sector.

But if is one of the best-known and popular options for buying ebooks, be aware that this is not the only one, and fortunately!

Competitive Platforms

Luckily has competing platforms that are also trying to place itself in the electronic reading market.

In France, one of Amazon’s best-in-place merchant sites and main rival is none other than . Dear to the heart of the French, this brand manages to make a place in this sector dominated by the American e-commerce giant, by offering both its own brand of e-reader (Kobo), as well as its own online bookstore. If some books are the same as in the competition, prices are likely to vary.

Among other platforms offering ebooks, we also find YouScribe, or 7Switch .

Moreover, when you are looking for a particular ebook, and don’t find it on your regular platform, do not hesitate to check out others. Often, you will end up finding your happiness!

Buy an ebook, user manual

Rest assured right away, buying an ebook is not very complicated. However, for ease of use, it is more convenient to know what to do before going to a purchasing platform, such as those mentioned in the previous point.

First of all, you should know that an ebook is available in several formats, and not all of them are compatible with all media. For example, if you have a Kindle eReader, then you will have to purchase ebooks on Amazon in AZW format . Conversely, if you have another e-reader (Kobo type), or if you read your ebooks on your computer or tablet, you will need to buy eBooks in ePub format (or equivalent) on another platform, such as the Fnac for example.

Then, to download an ebook , you will need to register on the platform of your choice. Once your account is created, you will be able to browse the online bookstore, fill in your shopping cart and complete your purchases.

The choices are always very varied, and you will find all kinds of copies in the shelves of virtual bookstores such as Novels, Great Classics, Science books, etc.

After completing the purchase, the selected ebooks can be downloaded to the connected device of your choice, all you have to do is enjoy your eBook.

E-book subscriptions:

Here is another possibility: instead of buying your ebooks individually, it is possible to opt for non-binding subscription plans , offered by both Amazon and Fnac.

Each of the subscriptions has its own peculiarities. That’s why it’s important to learn about each proposal before making your choice. Depending on your reading habits, you might lean in favor of one subscription rather than the other.

In addition, feel free to take advantage of the trial period offered by some platforms, such as Amazon, which allows you to test Kindle for 2 weeks.

Good to know, if you are an Amazon Premium member, the trial period is automatically extended to 1 month.

Buying ebooks, the main advantages

Without putting the paper book in the closet, the option of the ebook will allow you to discover new horizons, and as such, it would be a shame to deprive.

Indeed, the benefits of the ebook are many, and among these, you can enjoy:

  • Purchase costs 20 to 40% cheaper than in conventional bookstores. Indeed, an ebook is sold much cheaper than a paper book. This in addition to the fact that many eBooks are totally free!
  • An invaluable space saving. With ebooks, carrying your entire library with you, wherever you go, is quite possible. Whether with your eReader, or any other connected media, you will have access to your personal library at any time.
  • Immediate delivery of your purchase. When buying an ebook online, there is no delivery time, since the download is available immediately. It is therefore an ultra convenient service, which you can enjoy at any time and from any place.
  • Playback features never tested before. An ebook is not just a book retranscribed digitally. An ebook is an interactive file that allows you to fully customize your reading moments. Adaptive and customizable fonts to your liking, adjustable document format, ability to annotate your ideas, click on practical links, search for live definitions, and much more… The possibilities offered by the ebook are multiple.

Practical tip: choose the best medium to read your ebooks

While technically ebooks can be read on all types of connected media, on the other hand, for optimal reading and perfectly ergonomic, there is a support that surpasses others. This is of course the eReader .

To better understand why eReader is the best device to enjoy your eBooks, here’s an overview of the pros and cons of every connected media compatible with your online libraries.

The e-reader, the support 100% suitable

Because they have been specially designed for electronic reading, e-readers are in every way the best way to enjoy their ebooks. First of all, this is a lightweight and compact device, which will fit smoothly into your bag. Then the features of the device are ideal and allow for extended use for several hours without ever worrying about either the battery (thanks to incredible battery life) or your view, which will not be altered thanks to a suitable display.

The Smartphone, a convenient alternative for a one-time reading moment

If the Smartphone has the advantage of Always be in your pocket or bag, however, the small screen size is not ideal to fully enjoy reading moments. In addition, using a Smartphone to read your ebooks could consume your battery significantly. Finally, the brightness of the screen can be a problem and strain your eyesight in the event of prolonged use. That is why the Smartphone should remain a device to use only on an ad hoc basis when reading ebooks.

The computer, a far from ideal alternative

Although a computer allows access to its online libraries, it is not recommended to use it for prolonged reading of your ebooks. The screen can cause problems to your view in the long term, and hurt your eyes in the short term. Low battery life, as well as the less compact size of a computer, are also points that do not play in favor of this device, with regard to electronic reading.

The tablet, the closest alternative to the eReader, but pay attention to the eyes

Again, the main problem with a screen like that of a Smartphone, a computer, or a tablet is the screen. Their brightness is, indeed, not recommended during prolonged reading at the risk of hurting your eyes.

In conclusion:

Now that you know which device to use, where to find your ebooks, and how to buy them, all you have to do is take action! Try the e-reading experience with the ebook, and you will not regret it!

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