How does it sell your car EN?

You made the decision to sell your car and you don’t know how to do it? Read this article. It offers some solutions to save you time and find a picker for your car at a better price.


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  • 1 Start by collecting the necessary documents for the transaction
  • 2 Sell your car by making classifieds
  • 3 Takeover by a dealer or a professional
  • 4 Choose the auction
  • 5 The sale on car parks
  • 6 The sale of particular to particular

Start by collecting the papers needed for the transaction

It is not enough for you to find a buyer. Some often lengthy and complex administrative procedures must first be carried out before the sale of your car ends. It is the grey card, the transfer declaration form, the technical inspection of less than 6 months, the certificate of administrative status or non-pledge.

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Sell your car by making classifieds

Have you ever used this trick to sell other goods? You certainly know what this is about. Write your ad and post it on the desired medium (in a newspaper or online). To ensure the effectiveness of your ad, correctly describe your property in all possible details and do not forget to put photos. Feel free to check out our article on the best sites to sell his car This allows the buyer to know what to expect in order to decide. You are much more likely to sell your car when your listing is well done.

You can use the services of Largus : it is a site specialized in car sales.

Takeover by a dealer or a professional

After classifieds, it is also an effective solution. All you have to do to sell your car is to go to the dealer, to present your car to a sales advisor who will make an offer after inspecting your car.

This recovery solution is also offered by websites such as, or As soon as all conditions are met at Aramisauto, for example, you will receive your payment within 24 hours.

Choose the auction

Today, the auction is no longer done only in auction halls. You can also offer the sale of your car at auction online using specialized sites like

If you choose the option of the auction room, you must go to meet with the organizers to complete the preliminary steps and set the reserve price (amount below which you do not wish to sell your car).

But if you choose the online sale, you need to prepare a text and put it online. Here too, you will be asked to set a reserve price. But your car can be awarded at a price equal to that of the starting amount.

Sale on car parks

Here too, to sell your car you will need to write an ad to put online on the main classifieds sites. But the difference here is that the employees of these concessions can take care of the whole procedure. They also present your vehicle in their showroom, against a compensation.

The sale from individual to private

Choose this option only if you are by nature good seller, if you know how to negotiate and especially if you have time. But do not expect too much to find a buyer at your amount, as buyers first get used to inquire about market prices before contacting. However, this option remains the only one that allows you to sell your car at the price you want.

Speaking of classifieds on websites or in the local press, they are quite simple, but the transaction is not without risks. You can come across a buyer who settles with a cheque without provision, or who can run away after trying the vehicle. Precautions must therefore be taken before venturing.

That’s in summary all this that you need to know if you want to sell your car. Be honest and feel free to inform potential buyers that your car presents particular risks or defects.

And you? Have you ever sold your car?

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