How to create a WhatsApp chatbot

Anyone who starts to enter the world of chatbots remains the popular emoji πŸ˜“ when he discovers that although Whatsapp has already released Whatsapp Business (see article) the reality is that it does not have, as of today, a free framework or API for chatbot development that anyone can use, as is the case on Facebook or Telegram.


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  • How to create a chatbot on WhatsApp
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  • Benefits of using WhatsApp Business

We assume that after this news, your face will now look more like this… 😫 But, make the braking madaleno and don’t despair. First, you can create chatbots on WhatsApp. Peeeeeeero, there are to go through a provider that provides you with the WhatsApp API that allows you to exchange WhatsApp messages as Facebook allows. We explain the possible options:

  1. You’re a programmer.
  2. You’re not a programmer.

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You’re a programmerGiphy

On the Internet you will find a lot of free projects developed by the developer community and uploaded to a repository. On Github you have enough, for all programming languages. However, the main problem is that few are up to date and are unofficial, and as WhatsApp has been making updates they have become deprecated (outdated).

But in case you find one that looks up to date and gives you confidence, you should be able to mount it on a server and register a new mobile number at WhatsApp (IMPORTANT: Don’t test yours if you don’t want to lose it, recommended πŸ˜‰). This will be the number of the chatbot.

When you manage to successfully register it on WhatsApp (congratulations!! πŸŽ‰) you must stop the service so that your server is listening to possible messages (simulating the phone). At that point, you’ll have to pass the test of fire: pick up another phone with WhatsApp, add the Chatbot number to the contact list and write something. You should have that message on your server console , otherwise something is failing (we’ve already been told… it’s not easy). If it works for you, congratulations. The next step is to answer from the server, and verify that the message is also received on mobile. If so, it seems that the code you found works.

Now you should keep in mind that WhatsApp has mechanisms to interpret what spam is, so you need to develop the logic of your server (from your chatbot) trying not to fall into the trap Let the party start!


Giphy You’re not a programmer

If you want to create a WhatsApp chatbot for your company or brand, we advise you to search for a good agency with its own framework and access to the official chatbot deployment API in this messaging app, you’ll get two things :

  • Have a well-developed chatbot for WhatsApp.
  • Make sure WhatsApp won’t ban your chatbot.

Companies with their own framework usually have a fairly developed and high-performance system that adapts to new WhatsApp updates to introduce the new features that Facebook allows.

We will soon publish a list of the leading development agencies in Spain and Latin America, so you can find the one that best suits your needs. Another great option is to contact the chatbot creators you watch are running smoothly on WhatsApp and who will give you a hand or offer the use of an API.

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We hope we helped you and that your face now looks more like this emoji 😘 Remember that developing your chatbot on WhatsApp will bring you huge opportunities. After all, it is the leading messaging app in Spain and if your company/brand manages to be present on this platform… Your face will be is…

Giphy Thank you! See you at chats!

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