What is the price of the gold ingot?

centuries, gold has been the most sought after precious metal in the world, coveted for its cultural and financial values. More recently, in the form of ingots, gold has become a marketable asset. The gold ingot 1 kg is now considered the ultimate benchmark for investment in precious metals. Although the growing enthusiasm of individuals for gold has brought many other sizes of bullion to appear on the market, 1kg gold bars still remain competitive. Discover the factors that impact the price of gold ingot 1 kilogram For .

The characteristics of 1 kg gold ingots

The 1kg gold ingot is a safe asset to protect against uncertainties during periods of crisis. It has the peculiarity of retaining its value in times of turbulence .

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The ingots of 1 kilo are manufactured by large refineries accredited by the LBMA . The size of the ingot varies very little depending on the brand, which makes sense since the amount of gold contained in each ingot is identical. An ingot is therefore a little less than 12 centimetres in length, with a width approaching 5 centimetres.

The 1kg gold ingot is fine enough since it usually does not exceed 1 cm. To have an order of magnitude, a 1 kilogram gold ingot is smaller than most current smartphones. In addition, most ingots have a simple design, without frills. Therefore, this product does not have a “premium” reflecting a certain rarity or a refined design. Thus, the price of the ingot will be almost equal to the value of one kilo of gold at the official price .

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The price of gold ingot 1kg

The 1kg gold ingot is a “classic”. However, there is a a number of key factors influencing the evolution of the 1kg gold ingot price. The first relates to interest rates . When these are up, gold tends to decline.

In times of international conflicts, investors buy metal to protect themselves from uncertainties , resulting in an increase in the price of gold bars.

Supply and demand levels are also to be monitored. The festive period in India and China is often a key moment during which demand for gold grows, as people traditionally exchange gold jewellery.

Industrial production also slightly directs gold prices . So when it increases, the demand for gold increases and vice versa.

In any case, the gold ingot 1 kg corresponds to exactly 32,15 ounces. So if you want to calculate the price yourself of gold kg at any time, you just need to multiply the official gold price by the number 32,15: Gold Ingot Price 1kg = Gold ounce price x 32,15 .

You will have no difficulty finding a 1 kg gold ingot since it has been one of the only ingots available on the market for a long time. Invest in this ingot at one of the world’s most prestigious refineries. Several gold sellers on the internet also offer the gold ingot of 1kg.

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