What model of jeans for large thighs?

Do you want comfort when wearing your jeans? Make sure that they adapt perfectly to your morphology. The Cutting, size and color are especially important factors to get that rendering. This is exactly the case for men with a athlete physics.

No matter what style or jeans brand of your choice, opt for the one that will make you elegant while staying casual. To do this, our advice on jeans with large thighs will be very useful to you.

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Jeans with large thighs: our recommendations for cuts

Men who practice weightlifting, bodybuilding or other sports will surely find it difficult to choose their jeans with their imposing thighs. It should be noted that the majority of these sportsmen, amateur or professional, have a certain disproportion between their waist and legs, especially the thighs . More precisely, their thighs are often swollen. This is evident with their sporting practices.

The cut that will delight men with large thighs is the slim carrot. Displaying a tapered side as we go down along of the leg, this famous cut showcase all their strengths.

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In this perspective, there are also straight cuts and the tapered. Notably, the latter is the most timeless of all styles. In addition, it is suitable for everyone. And why men with strong thighs?

Do you like the casual look, but do you have big thighs? Dare to jeans of regular cut. It’s an alternative that keeps you connected. If you can’t find the jeans with large thighs you need, feel free to go through the retouching. A professional tailor will take your measurements so that your recently purchased jeans are ideally suited to your waist.

Jeans with large thighs: the ideal colors

As with other morphologies, colours play a crucial role in choosing jeans for men with large thighs. The most important thing is to produce a perfect balance between patterns and colors so as not to weigh down the look.

For men with large thighs, dark colors are most recommended. Indeed, dark colors are known to refine the silhouette. It can very be black, raw or anthracite gray jeans . Making the legs look longer, these colors will lighten the size of the thighs.

And why not opt for coated jeans ? In addition to being fashionable, this option is known for its non-magnifying effect .

Stone style jeans also represents an excellent alternative. It is a medium blue canvas that allows a slight effect natural wash. Without accentuating the shapes, it emphasizes them. It is suitable for perfection for muscular men.

However, jeans white, with pronounced washes or in other too light colors are to be limited. They create too much volume, and this is not very relevant for large thighs. Too contrasting, these colors will round the lightest parts such as the thighs.

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