What party for a PACS?

Don’t know what to offer to a couple? Your friends’ pack is approaching and you still have no idea for a gift?

To celebrate love, nothing better than symbolic objects, sensual or a journey.

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Discover 10 inspiring and romantic ideas that will guide you in your quest for the best gift for a couple of friends:

1. Smartbox: 3 dream stays in love

This Smartbox box includes 3200 idyllic stays in breathtaking territories: an original gift for an active couple who has just set themselves for example. Your friends will choose their destination together, the different activities available and book the date of their choice on the Internet. The Smartbox website continuously updates the list of its partners and thanks to the gift certificate, lovebirds will pay for their stay with ease!

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As a gift of Pacs, this Smartbox will give them the opportunity to celebrate the event with a trip similar to a honeymoon: romantic assured! If it was not suitable, the exchange of the Smartbox is done online easily. The couple has 2 years from purchase to book a date. This gives them time to organize with their respective schedules, choose a time period they like and an inspiring destination!

2. Humorous Coffee Cups

The 2 Mr and Mrs Cups from Love-Kanke are designed in porcelain with a cork base: a mustache pattern for the man and a glamorous red mouth for the woman. They can hold 300 ml of liquid. This is a gift for a timeless couple of friends, inexpensive, but that seduces at all times! In the morning, they will enjoy their coffee or tea in complete complicity, with objects uniting them with each other.

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In addition to being decorative, the cups retain heat, prevent burns, protect from shocks and eliminate noise thanks to cork. However, several drawbacks are not to be overlooked: the cups are not microwave safe or dishwasher safe, which could sharply degrade them. By the way, these very classic and conventional models are not suitable for gay couples.

3. Travel: a whole world to explore

Hachette tourisme has published this guide of the Backpacker for travel lovers. The 368 pages of the book are filled with useful information on all kinds of destinations. What to travel even while sitting on his couch. Give this gift for a couple of friends to help them plan their next romantic holiday with complete complicity!

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Numerous themes are discussed: most beautiful treks in the world, the best places to party in Europe, road trips not to be missed, etc. They will also enjoy postcards, practical folders and planispheres. The book, very heavy, has explicit content, clear, well built and beautiful photos. The matte material of the paper does not highlight the photos as glossy paper, but makes it possible to make the text more readable than the latter.

4. Bottle Holder

Brubaker’s “couple on the bench” model, made of silver metal, is suitable for all bottles with a diameter of less than 8.5 cm. On the base, the bottle holder is composed of a heart pattern. Next to it is an adorable metal sculpture depicting a couple sitting on a bench, hand in hand. It is a symbolic gift, highly romantic, to accompany a delicious bottle.

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This original gift with a decorative and aesthetic design is also practical and sturdy. Give it to friends who love good wine! They will be touched by this tender attention and will be able to display it proudly in their kitchen or living room. However, the characters are a man and a woman, it will be suitable only for a heterosexual couple. The bottle is not included, it leaves you the choice to adapt to the tastes of your friends (red, white, pink).

5. Personalized Gift

For a personal and decorative object, opt for a 3D Glas crystal heart. You can enter the names of the two lovers and the date of the Pacs to immortalize their union. Several fonts are offered to you and if you wish, you can add any text of your choice online, to customize it as you like!

    Crystal I Love You | 3D Glas…

See price on Amazon A gift for a Pac must be personalized and creative. This high-quality crystal meets all these criteria, decorates the apartment and keeps a trace of their love engraved forever. It is made for great romantics. Placed in front of beautiful lighting, it is resplendent. The material is very fragile, so the heart should be deposited in a safe place, preferably in height, far from the reach of children.

6. Photo book

On Photoweb, create a custom-made photo book for your friends or children’s Pack. A multitude of sizes and styles are available: landscape, square, portrait format, with hardcover, with or without window, black and white photos, color, Matte or glossy paper… Choose the layout, theme, photos to include and trace the thread of their story for maximum emotions.

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This small photo album to create online will make them warm to the heart and will be precious preserved. The couple will enjoy taking him out of the drawer to remember their most beautiful moments and perhaps, one day, share them with their children. For even more romanticism, add text to it: Romane-photo effect guaranteed. During hard hits, this book will pull the lovers up and remind them that they can always rely on each other. They will remember the essence of their story and the strength of their love. However, this gift requires being close to the couple in order to have access to their most beautiful photos.

7. Smartbox: unusual stay in duo

The two lovers will browse side by side the booklet of the box gift bringing together 3610 sensational getaways all over France. With a period of 2 years to book, this gives them time to organize their schedule, set off and choose the best destination, at the desired season. This Smartbox is an ideal gift for a Pacs:

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If this unusual concept does not like your couple of friends, lovebirds will be able to visit the website to exchange for free with any other Smartbox in the same category. In short, offer a dream getaway to a couple of lovers so they can find themselves in a utopian setting, away from their daily hassle!

8. Massage Kit

The “Secret de Geisha” massage set, by Shunga, offers a bunch of sensual accessories to spend romantic evenings (massage candle, aphrodisiac heating oil, etc.). From what spend a tender and naughty moment in love awakening all his senses, in an erotic way. This gift from Pacs will help maintain the flame of passion!

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Take advantage of the very advantageous price to offer this kit to a couple of friends. The texture, taste and smell form a wonderful and powerful cocktail that will warm up their evenings. The small size of the products, similar to samples, makes them easy to carry, on weekends or on vacation, in carry-on luggage. Nevertheless, they will also empty very quickly.

9. Design clock

The Karma Clocks Vinyl Wanduhr wall clock model measures 30 cm in diameter, weighs 500 grams and has aluminum hands. Its manufacture from an old vinyl record 33 rpm brings a touch of vintage and seductive originality. The silhouette of two cats, side by side, behind dial, gives the design a modern, romantic and elegant look, matching any style.

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A wall hanging system is integrated on the back of the clock. It is a practical and decorative gift at the same time. Your friends can arrange it wherever they like in their apartment: it suits every room (bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.). This ideal gift for a couple of friends is functional, thin, light, simple, but charming. The AA battery is not included, remember to buy one so that the clock can be functional as soon as you open.

10. Keychain

Mr Wonderful is a set of 2 rubber keyrings. The first represents a glass of milk and the second a biscuit, in the form of mischievous characters. It is a very economical gift, ideal for small budgets or last shopping minute.

    Mr. Wonderful Set of 2…

See price on Amazon You will appreciate it for its symbolic aspect: the complementarity of biscuit and milk is an accomplice nod to the love of the couple, when two individuals merge into each other. This cute Pacs gift will make the greedy smile and make it easier for the heads in the air to find their keys more easily. For example, it is an original gift idea for a couple who just moved in.