Where to buy an engagement ring in Paris?

Pedro is on his knees, your thrilling is ready to leap, tears in his eyes and hearts in unison, you hear him tenderly declare “Darling, will you marry me? ”. This is the moment that many are waiting for, a moment of emotions that will remain forever engraved in the mind and in the soul. That’s why it is necessary to have the right choice on the engagement ring. Because yes, gentlemen, you have only one try! So, where to buy an engagement ring and how to choose it according to its budget? Better opt for overpriced jewellery Place Vendôme or an online jewelry shop? What are the criteria for selecting an engagement ring…? That’s what we’re going to see!

1/ Where to buy an engagement ring according to your budget?

First of all, you should know that you will have a lot to gain by buying your engagement ring in an online jewelry store ! And yes, buying online makes it possible to have a very wide selection of creations and beautiful engagement rings at very correct prices. And the guarantee that the ring will be put back to size! And, precisely, as I will explain below, to know Madame’s finger size just take one of her rings and use a ring size guide like that of the pretty Lucky One Bijoux brand.

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— Engagement rings for a budget of 500€

Here is a selection of Lucky One Jewelry Engagement RingsLucky One Bijoux Engagement Rings that I just find gorgeous! We’re on 18 carat gold and diamonds. In addition, for some, they are tailor-made and one can choose whether you prefer white, yellow or pink gold.

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The prices of this brand remain, I find, more than affordable for the quality of gold and diamond!

Not to mention that this brand is a family brand since it was created by a son, Hugo Acket, for her mother, Patricia France, so that she can live and devote herself fully to her passion for jewelry.

— Engagement rings for a budget between 1000 and 5000€

For this budget, you will find many brands, especially online, that offer different creations. For my part, I remain on my selection of the brand Lucky One Bijoux which offers creations based on diamonds or stones. Like this beautiful Ceylon ring Lucky One Bijoux Engagement Rings made of 18k gold, Ceylon sapphire and diamonds and is made to measure! Knowing that the Blue Sapphire of Ceylon is the most beautiful sapphire in the world and the most coveted by its rarity! Or the yellow diamond — very trendy — or the must-have diamond in round cut or baguette.

The case

The case is extremely important when applying for engagement since it is the safe for the symbol of your love. That’s why Lucky One Bijoux cases are in white or black lacquered to stay in the very luxurious side and to keep it for life, just like the ring itself.

— Engagement rings for a budget of more than 10,000€

If you have a huge budget for buying the engagement ring, then head to Place Vendôme in Paris where you will have the choice among luxurious brands such as Piaget, Jaubalet, Chopart, Cartier, De Beers, Bulgari…

2/ How to choose an engagement ring?

1/ After defining your budget, you will have to inquire about Madame’s tastes

If you are not sure of yourself, you can either take a picture of the rings that she is used to wearing and that she particularly loves to show them to the sellers who can then guide you, either ask for advice from her good girlfriends! Is she rather romantic? Rather Chic? Bohemian? Depending on her dress style , you should also manage to find the ideal ring. Finally, do not hesitate, if you pass in front of jewelers, to look at watches for you and ask him, as if nothing was: and what do you like in the showcase?

2/ Choosing the metal for the ring

This goes hand in hand with the first point, that is, Madame’s tastes. For the shot, it’s easy: usually a woman wears either silver jewelry, yellow gold or rose gold . And for this, you just need to look at his neck (necklace/pendants), his wrists (bracelets, bangle, cuff), his fingers (rings), his ears (earrings). And you will have your answer!

Also, be aware that money is the most economical choice. Gold is very durable. Rose gold offers an original color option (this is my favorite).

3/ The size of the engagement ring

To find out the size of Madame’s finger (the directory), either you take one of her rings and take her to a jeweler to find out the size. Either you print a ring and place one of its rings on it.

4/ Which diamond/stone to choose for an engagement ring?

Already, if many studies say that the favorite ring of the French women would be the solitaire, this is not necessarily the case with your darling! So don’t bet everything on the lonely unless she told you it was her favorite ring.

There are other beautiful stones (and less expensive what is more) such as sapphire, quartz, ruby, emerald… And other more graphic mount designs… It’s up to you to see, once again, what is “its” style to it.

5/ Choosing an engagement ring already thinking about the wedding ring

And yes, when you offer an engagement ring, it’s to get married afterwards. And when you get married, you offer an alliance to symbolize the bond of marriage. Thus, the ideal when choosing the engagement ring, is to visualize what style of alliance you will wear next. Indeed, the engagement ring and the wedding ring on the same finger, better that both complement each other well! By the way, you can gold-and-already take a look at the stunning Lucky One Jewelry wedding rings .

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