Why when I’m tired I shady?

Do you have a little blow in your nose? Then it is likely that you see “double”! But is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon? Below we explain where this expression comes from and what is the effect of alcohol on your eyes.

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You always see double

We will reveal you a secret: you always see double. The difference is that your brain, when you are sober, is able to combine two images to form one. If you have drunk a little too much, your brain and the muscles of your eyes work less well. Therefore, your eyes deviate in all directions, which further complicates, for your brain, the task of forming a single sharp picture. Which explains the fact that you see “double”.

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The scientific name of this dual vision is diplopia, and it has causes other than consumption alone alcohol. Conversely, diplopia is also not the only effect of alcohol on your eyes. The muscles of your eyes relax, which decreases the magnitude of your field of vision. Your pupils also react a little slower, so your vision is more cloudy.

Your brain no longer knows how to calculate

When you have drunk a little too much, it also alters your perception of distances and depths. It is true, however, that even sober, one cannot actually see them either. It is your brain that calculates them extremely fast, which it no longer manages to do when you are drunk.

If you want to exclude any risk that the above symptoms will cause you difficulties, only one solution: control your alcohol consumption.

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