How do I share your Netflix account without giving your password?

Notice to anyone who lends their Netflix account. Thanks to the “DonotPay” extension, you will no longer need to entrust your password for your loved ones to log in. MCE TV tells you everything.

Admit that Netflix evenings are the best. By the way, your family and loved ones have understood it well and like to squat your account. Tired of having to give it to whoever wants ? So here’s a trick to share it without having to deliver your password.

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To do this, you will need to use an extension: “DonotPay”. Thanks to this, you can safely entrust your account to someone, without risk that your password will leak .

For this, nothing simpler. All you have to do is download this extension. Then, you will log in with your Netflix credentials. After which, the extension will create a link of sharing. It is this link in question that you will entrust to your loved ones.

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Netflix: how to share your account without giving your password Share your Netflix account, not your password

The principle of DonotPay is simple: allowing everyone to share their account, without a password. Specifically, DonotPay uses your cookies and your web browser to make Netflix et al. believe that you are simply logging in from another device. Deceptive, but practical, in short.

For its creator, Joshua Browder, this is the app that needed. Why the hell on earth pay tens of euros to access catalogs of all platforms? The app therefore allows account sharing, so that everyone can enjoy it. So DonotPay works not only for Netflix, but also Disney Plus, Spotify and even Amazon Prime.

The startup does everything to you avoid spending. It even has anoption to unsubscribe from certain trial periods automatically , without being charged the following month. Finally concerning Netflix, he has already found the parade. The giant ended his trial period. There is no doubt that he will find a parade for account sharing.

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