How to become a health care provider by being a caregiver?

Provided he has served for 4 years, a hospital public service nurse may change careers and become a health executive. The one-year training is available by competition in one of the 40 IFCS (Instituts de Formation des Cadres de Santé) throughout France. Becoming a health manager (or senior health manager) in a hospital means coordinating teams, supporting developments and contributing to the implementation of the institution’s projects. An evolution that seems natural, but is akin to a change of trade, more than just a change of position.

The role of the health framework

After years of working in hospital, in direct contact with patients, some nurses

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The health framework aspire to evolve their profession and are thinking of becoming “healthcare executives”. They give up the activities of “care” which they worked directly with patients, for a team leadership position. is a community setting whose mission is to organize care activities within a service, ensuring the quality and security of services. He facilitates and supervises the teams under his responsibility, coordinates and optimizes the resources implemented. It must anticipate and support medical and technological developments, and contribute to the implementation of the establishment’s projects as well as health policies.

Its function is complex because the health framework links management to the healthcare team. Reverse of the medal: among his former colleagues, he is sometimes accused, in a way, of having “changed sides”.

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He must also “mourn care”. This is an activity he will no longer perform. Valerie, “The most difficult at first was the necessary breakdown with the care activities of my former nursing function and the shift in the profession of the transition to the health management function. I missed the proximity to the patient at first, but the cut is necessary. We need to be able to focus on other missions. We are in supervision, coordination, we are at the centre of the service and we link all stakeholders. It is also necessary to be available to unlock all the difficulties of the teams that are taken by care.”

Who can apply to become a health framework?

Health executive training is available through competition, including nurses, child care providers, operating room nurses, anaesthetist nurses, psychiatric nurses. With a prerequisite: be able to justify 4 years of professional practice , as a nurse or specialist nurse.

The training will take place in one of the 40 IFCS (Instituts de Formation des cadres de santé) in France. Each of these establishments organizes its own entrance contest. To increase your chances, you can therefore register for several competitions in the same year.

The Health Framework Entry Competition

Registration dates vary from one school (IFCS) to another. It is therefore essential to inquire at the chosen establishment. It will also give you the registration procedures.

On the other hand, the tests are of the same type from one establishment to another.

The competition is divided into two stages.

The eligibility test

You will be asked for a comment on documents on the topic of health. It aims to test the capabilities analysis and synthesis of the candidate, his ability to develop and argue his ideas in writing.

The admission test

You will make an oral presentation that requires knowledge of the French health and social system. You will also have a motivational interview based on the file you wrote at the time of registration.

You can prepare yourself on your own, using books. The majority of IFCS organizes a “preparation for the entrance competition”.

The content of the health framework training

Once admitted, candidates undergo the same training. IFCS are accredited for a number of students per trade. The training takes place over 10 months, i.e. 24 weeks of theoretical and practical instruction, 13 weeks of internship, 2 weeks of research time, 1 week of training sessions.

The remuneration of a health executive

The salary is about 1,750 euros gross per month in the first half and about 2,500 euros in Echelon 8. After several years of experience and higher training, the health manager can pass competitions and become a senior health executive and then director of care.

Until 2020, several revaluation measures will increase the remuneration of health managers , by increasing the point but also the introduction of new index grids.

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