How to remove the hinges from a door?

If you want to remove a door so that you can work on it in total freedom and with the utmost ease, you must do what you need to make disappear the hinge supports that have become totally unsightly on your frame. Indeed, the hinges (also called hinges) are composed of one part fixed on the frame and another fixed directly on the door. They can be screwed or directly attached to the resin onto the wooden frame, or welded inside a metal frame. Here are some tips of locksmith in Paris to How to remove the hinges from a door and remove it safely? allow you to remove the hinges without problems but also to remove a door without encountering the slightest danger.

Step 1: Deflate the door

First of all, it is imperative to deflate your door using carefully a crowbar that you Slide underneath. To do this, press on a small wooden wedge and lift your door to remove it from its hinges. If your door is heavy, it is better to be two to perform this maneuver.

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If your door is really heavy, it is better to perform this two-way operation

Step 2: Remove unhindered from screwed hinges

The plate is directly screwed into the frame of your door:

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Using a screwdriver, gently scrape the head of the screws if they are covered with paint or wood pulp

Unscrew the fasteners of all hinges

Around the fasteners, take care to remove the wood debris well

Refill with wood pulp and a spatula all the screw holes used to hold the plate

Once the wood pulp dries, sand it with a piece of sandpaper starting with a medium grain to finish with a fine grain. This will give you a smooth surface

Carefully apply a layer of grip, sand again and paint

Step 3: Remove hinges welded or fixed by resin

Hinges that are welded or fixed with resin normally protrude from the frame:

Put on protective goggles and gloves

Arase the hinge at the base using a disc machine

Take care to dig slightly all around the metal part by using a wood chisel

To cut a little more in the hollow, give a stroke of a disquer

The hole thus visible can therefore be plugged with wood pulp

With sandpaper, sand the surface (starting with a medium grit to finish with a fine grit)

Apply a good coat of hook, sand again and paint

In what cases pull a door out of his hinges?

There may be different reasons why you need to remove a door from its hinges. This can, for example, to change it or to be able to put it on trestles in order to be able to work freely. This will allow you to be able to strip it without problems or to be able to sand it, repaint it or apply a new layer of varnish. Thus, you will find a door as new and best suited to all your needs.

Removing a door from its hinges and its frame is therefore an operation not difficult to perform and that will not require you great knowledge in locksmith. However, if you have the opportunity, it will be better to get help from a third person, especially if the door is really heavy. This will prevent you from getting hurt or damaging and deteriorating your door.

Ask for more advice from a locksmith

If you would like more information about removing a door, do not hesitate to contact a professional locksmithprofessional . He will be able to provide you with many tips to help you carry out this operation under the best conditions. He can even advise you on the choice of a new door if you want to change it for different reasons. Thus, getting a door out of its hinges will not pose any danger to you.

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