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Organize a luxury trip to France

Everyone dreams of saddling in a sumptuous infinity pool, staying in a 5* hotel overlooking the coconut palms, dine in a prestigious restaurant located at the top of a roof top, to get a massage by expert hands at the spa… Everyone, certainly, but few realize this dream. Why? Because 81% of French people think luxury is reserved for …


Cheap luxury travel: possible?

When talking about luxury travel, one immediately thinks about a big budget. And yet, it is possible to afford this kind of stay without having to empty your wallet. The basic principle is first to choose the cheapest destinations. Here are some of them…


According to recent comparisons by professionals, Spain is the cheapest destination for a luxury trip …


Prepare a luxury holiday in France

After a year full of uncertainty, we all have in mind a year 2021 full of new discoveries. If the evolution of the situation allows, your dream destination will reopen soon! In the meantime, we have thought of some destinations according to your budget: 2021 Cheap Holidays, Reasonable Long-Weekends, Great Luxury Experiences… You can already start planning your next


Why spend a holiday in a luxury hotel?

During the holidays, comfort is as useful as distractions. Far from routine, this is the period when everything is allowed. It’s the perfect time for emptying and de-stress. While having a good time at low prices is not excluded, staying in a luxury hotel is also tempting to live a new experience. We will decrypt for you the few good …


What are the 10 richest countries in Africa?

Discover the countries with the largest GDP in the world according to the IMF. There is a change in the ranking.

Twice a year, the IMF disseminates a very large amount of data on the economic strength of countries around the world, including gross domestic product (GDP). It determines the economic activity of a country, its variation is its rate …


Where is the equator line?

The equator is the imaginary line that separates the northern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere and crosses the center of the Earth at a latitude of exactly zero degrees. In Africa, the equator extends over 4,020 kilometres across seven countries in West, Central and East Africa just south of the Sahara Desert. Ironically, the list of African countries cut in …


What is the value of the Palace of Versailles?

Pioneer of real estate appraisal since 2008, Meilleurs-Agents offers a publicity campaign that dishevels: the Sun King, guided by his faithful minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert, evaluates online his famous castle with “2,328 rooms” but… without bathroom. The film launched at the beginning of February on major national channels and DTT will be visible throughout the year. “We deliberately broke the advertising …


When is the best time to go to Rio de Janeiro?

What to do in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s second largest city after Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro is a metropolis full of treasures. From Christ the Redeemer to the famous colourful carnival , through its mythical beaches, Rio de Janeiro is a dream destination!

Want to visit Rio ? So here is a little guide to attractions to see in …


What’s a return visa?

Are you going home or are you transiting through France? You must now carry an exemption certificate of international travel and a statement of honour stating that you are not experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 infection. This certificate to metropolitan France and Overseas is to be presented to your airline and border controls with the required supporting documents.

To download the


What to visit in Casablanca?

Casablanca or Dar al Baida is the largest city in Morocco. Casablanca is about 3 million inhabitants, the economic capital of Morocco but a less rich past than other Moroccan cities. A more modern city that attracts tourists less than cities like Fez or Marrakech or even small towns like Essaouira or Chefchaouen. Nevertheless visiting Casablanca on a day or …