What is a childhood home?

I lived in a foster family for three years. Since my family assistant retired and as I am 17, I moved to a home. I was a little sad because it’s been three years since I was at this assistant. It was like I was at Dad, Mom’s. But on the other hand, I expected to leave.

No cleaning, no exit from the fireplace

Living in the home is very different from that in a foster family. It’s especially stricter: if you want to go to a buddy at the weekend, it’s a bit complicated, because you need a lot of papers: the ID card, the address, the phone number and a letter of agreement from the parent.

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And if we want to go out, we have to give the time we get home. And if we don’t get back on time, they’ll call us. If then we don’t answer, they make a statement of runaway. One day, at home, a girl came home at 10pm, so they got made a statement of runaway. Although she said she had warned an educator, they still declared her.

One day, I was not let out because I hadn’t done the cleaning. But I had to do it before I went out.

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I can’t get my girlfriends in the home, nor my boyfriend (even though I don’t have one at the moment…). It’s pretty binding.

Soon free with a major young contract

In foster care we are freer because we go home and go out as we want. At home, we can not do it, because there are rules. In addition, during weekdays, when you have school, the children’s home is closed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If I finish school early in the afternoon, I have to stay outside.

And in the evening, when everyone comes home, we have to eat for everyone.

For Bakalaye, life in a home for minors helped him calm down. Even if it is hard.

It’s only on weekends that we can go out longer if you ask for permission. We can even go to the family.

As a result, I recently applied for a young major contract. It is an apartment shared with other young people but it is the ASE (Aid Sociale à l’Enfance) that finances it. A new step, a little more freedom. I have to have an answer this month. I look forward to him.

M, 17 years old, high school student, Île-de-France

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