Which chatbot for WordPress?

Xatkit is a very flexible chatbot creation platform. It can be adapted to generate bots in very different environments. Today we are introducing the Xatkit integration for WordPress. The first result is this plugin that allows you to add a chatbot to your wordpress in a completely free and completely automatic way.

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to add a chatbot to your website but didn’t want to sign up for any external service or start scheduling anything, this is your chance. Download it now and in less than two minutes you’ll have a chatbot welcoming your visitors .

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Today, the chatbot offers the following features, we will be adding more in the future:

  • Navigation via tags and categories : The bot knows what are the most popular category/tags. And it allows the visitor to choose any of them and show them the blog posts that use it.
  • Content Search : The chatbot can be used as an alternative to typical WordPress search, offering a much more interactive search experience. Ask the bot what content you want to watch and see following their recommendations.
  • General information about the website. Explain what your website is about and where you recommend starting.
  • Help your visitors get in touch with you : The bot offers different alternatives for anyone who wants to talk to you (as long as you fill in this information, if you don’t, the bot will work the same without providing this information).
  • The chatbot is multilingual. It can be configured to interact with the user in Spanish, French or English.

Let’s see what the chatbot would look like once you have the plugin installed on your WordPress. For example, here we are in a conversation for content search:

and here is one that shows how you can use the bot to contact the owner of the website.

Have you noticed the error when typing “newletter”? The chatbot uses DialogFlow internally to understand what the user is asking for with what has some syntax error tolerance that the user can commit.

And to answer the questions is based on the WordPress REST API that offers a series of public endpoints to access the content of any WordPress. Your contact information, once you decide to make it public, is also exposed from this same API, in the form of custom endpoints.

In this free version of the plugin, the bot is hosted on a shared account on the Xatkit server itself. You don’t need to install anything or create your own account, either in DialogFlow or anywhere else. It’s easier I can’t put it on. It will be minimized on your homepage until the visitor decides to wake them up.

In addition, we also offer a premium version of the plugin. In this release there are additional features (such as monitoring the use of the bot or the ability to define new questions and answers that you want the bot to learn). You can see all our plans in our comparison of services for accommodation managed Chatbots WordPress, including creating custom chatbots. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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