Who are the beneficiaries of the RSA?

Exclusion of certain benefits in the calculation of the RSA : henceforth, the Handicap Compensation Benefit (PCH), the Daily Allowance of Caregiver (AJPA) and the compensation received by the family caregiver for the elderly or disabled under the PCH will no longer be taken into account in the calculation of the RSA.

The decree is available on this link.

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Active Solidarity Income (RSA) replaces the RMI and the API (Isolated Parent Allowance). This is a social benefit designed to guarantee a minimum income according to the resources and composition of the household.

It existed in two forms, the RSA base and the RSA activity. But since 2016, the RSA activity has been replaced by the activity premium. The RSA base, meanwhile, is maintained in 2021. On April 1, 2020, the base RSA was increased (see amounts). The article has been updated.

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Payment of aid is not automatic. You must make the request. Please note that it is now possible to fill out your RSA file online whether you are CIF beneficiary or not (explanations).

If you would like to know the award conditions, how to receive the RSA (the procedure to follow), the amount awarded according to family composition and the terms of payment, browse the rest of our file.


The RSA pedestal replaces the RMI

What are the conditions for the allocation of the RSA base?

RSA Application Form and RSA File

Calculation of the base RSA amount in 2021

RSA Amount:

Amount of RSA Increased in 2021:

Date of payment of Active Solidarity Income

Learn more about RSA

The RSA pedestal replaces the RMI

Since June 1, 2009, Active Solidarity Income has replaced the Minimum Insertion Income (RMI). This is a social benefit which exists in two forms. Whatever type of RSA you receive, this benefit is a aid aimed at guaranteeing every resident of French territory a minimum income.

  • The base RSA is intended for persons who are not engaged in any activity and who have no or no right to unemployment or to the SSA.
  • The RSA activity , which no longer existed since 1 January 2016, concerned persons engaged in even a partial activity but receiving modest income. It has been replaced by the activity premium (see here).

without any limitation of duration The RSA may be paid from the moment the beneficiary meets the obligations imposed. The ASR amounts shown below are those in effect until April 1, 2021.

What are the conditions for the allocation of the RSA base?

In the first place, no resources (or very few) are required to obtain the RSA base. If you work part-time for example or if you are a self-contractor, you cannot benefit from the RSA base but, you may be eligible for the premium activity (formerly RSA activity).

Its obtaining is related to 4 types of conditions:

  • Depending on age: All people over 25 years of age can benefit from the RSA. Since 1 September 2010, people under 25 years of age may also benefit from the RSA, but under certain conditions, available in the file on young RSA.
  • Depending on nationality : The RSA is open to all persons of French nationality as well as foreigners of the European Union if they have a residence permit and outside the EU provided that they have resided regularly in the territory for at least 5 years.
  • Depending on the place of residence: To collect the RSA, you must be resident in France in a stable and effective way (have a postal address) and not to stay outside France for a period greater than 3 months (find the simulator back in France). Otherwise, the perception of the RSA will be limited to actual presence in French territory.
  • Based on resources: You do not need any resources to qualify for the RSA base (which is not the case for the premium activity). Depending on the family composition, a lump sum accommodation will be deducted from your RSA base. All household income is taken into account in the calculation of the RSA entitlement, including family benefits with the exception of the birth premium, the AEEH (see here) and the back to school allowance.

Some people are automatically excluded from the RSA scheme : Students, persons on parental leave (total or partial), sabbatical leave or leave without pay. On the other hand, single pregnant women and single parents are eligible for ASR.

Important Point : Once the RSA has been obtained,you will most often be required to be looking for a job to keep it.

Therefore (if your resources are less than 500 euros/month), you must:

  • Be in active job search
  • Or carry out the steps of your business creation
  • Or follow the steps of insertion that we propose
  • AND do not decline more than 2 reasonable job offers (they are defined as part of your Personalized Job Access Project)

RSA Application Form and RSA File

is not automatic, it is appropriate to file an RSA file by filling out an RSA form How do I apply for an RSA? It provided for this purpose.

The form is freely available in the planned agencies (CAF, MSA, CCAS, CDAS…) or download here.

The RSA application can be made at several locations, the applicant is free to choose the organization where he willfile their RSA file :

  • Either to the CAF (Family Allowance Fund).
  • Either at the CCAS (Centre Communal d’Action Sociale) at his home.
  • Either with the social services of his department of residence.

If you fall under an occupation known as “agricultural” , your RSA application must be filed with the MSA. If you do not have a mailing address, you must make a “direct debit request” with the nearest CCAS.

You can also complete your RSA application directly online . It is accessible whether you are beneficiary or not. Count between 20 and 25 minutes.

  • Go to https://www.caf.fr/
  • Choose “My Services Online” then “Apply for Service” on the left of your screen
  • Indicate whether or not you are a recipient: If you have a CAF account, the information in your case will be taken into account at the time of your request. Otherwise, you will need to indicate your personal, professional situation, bank details,…
  • Then select “RSA and Premium Activity” then “Apply” (see photo below)

All you have to do is click on “Start” at the bottom of the page and then fill in the various fields requested. The RSA file line has the same official value as in paper format.

At the end of your request, it is possible that the CAF will ask you for supporting documents (see how to send them).

If you depend on the MSA, you should go to https://www.msa.fr/lfy/web/msa/rsa. Then click on “Request for RSA Online” and follow the steps.

Note : 36% of persons entitled to receive the RSA do not benefit, for several reasons. This phenomenon is called non-recourse and is now experiencing a very worrying scale

Calculation of the base RSA amount in 2021

The RSA base was upgraded on April 1, 2020. What is the RSA amount? The amount of the RSA varies depending on the composition of your home as shown in the table below.

For couples (with or without children), you can check out more details in this article.

If you collect resources such as alimony, you can claim it based on its amount. Note that the collection or not of personalized housing assistance changes the amount of the RSA . The same applies to persons housed free of charge (parental home…).

RSA Amount:

Composition of the fireplace No children 1 child 2 children 3 children
Alone without housing aid 564,78 € 847,17 € 1.016,60 € 1,242,51 €
Alone with housing aid 497,01 € 711,62 € 848,86 € 1.074,77 €
Couple without housing assistance 847,17 € 1,016,60 € 1.186,03 € 1.411,94 €
Couple with housing assistance 711,62 € 848,86 € 1.018,29 € 1.244,20 €

Beyond 3 children, you receive €225,91 per additional child . This upgrading is effective as of April 1, 2020. The article has been updated according to officially published figures.

The increase in the base RSA applies to allowances due from April 2020 onwards.


In the case of a return to work and if you were previously a beneficiary of the base RSA, its amount is maintained in full for a period of 3 months : It may be that the increase in the RSA officially announced intervenes later for some. Indeed, the new RSA amount is applicable as of your next quarterly return when considering new fees. . You will then receive the activity bonus (instead of RSA Activity). If you receive the AAH and you are eligible for the RSA, you can accumulate these two allowances provided your RSA amount exceeds €902.70 (AAH amount). However, your RSA will then be reduced by the amount of the AAH (see cumulative conditions).

Amount of RSA Increased in 2021:

parents with 1 or more children charge can benefit from an increased RSA under certain conditions. It is granted for a period of 12 months in the event that the other parent does not assume the child or in the case of widowhood Lone . The increased RSA can be granted as soon as pregnancy (in addition to the birth premium).

Note that if one of your children is under 3 years old, the RSA plus is automatically granted to you up to these 3 years.

Composition of the fireplace Child to be born 1 child 2 children 3 children
Isolated parent without housing aid 725,24 € 966.99 € 1.208,74 € 1,450.48 €
Lone parent with housing aid 665,47 € 831,44 € 1.041€ 1.282,74 €

Beyond the 3rd child, we must add 241.74 euros per additional child. The amount of the increased RSA has also been upgraded to 1 April. If you have any doubts about the amount of RSA you will receive (in for example, in case of alternate custody), perform an RSA test using the RSA calculation simulator.

Date of payment of Active Solidarity Income

The RSA is paid between the 5th and the 10th of each month for a period of 3 months (see RSA calendar). What is the date of payment of the RSA?

Each quarter, the recipient must submit to the CAF (or MSA) a declaration of resources for the last three months . For this:

  • Go to your personal area of your CAF account in the “My procedures” section directly on the CAF website or on the MSA website depending on the cashier on which you depend. For this, you will need to equip yourself with your login details and password to log in (contact the CAF or MSA if you have not received them or lost them).
  • Fill in the form that the CAF sends you by email or by mail and returned to the CAF on

You can consult a complete guide to making your quarterly RSA report. If it is not made, the payment of the RSA will be suspended . Note that it is important to report to the CAF any change of situation as this may change your rights. In case of overpayment, you will have to repay the sums due.

Learn more about RSA

For any questions or special cases, contact the CAF or the CCAS of your place of residence or go to the Social Assistance forum by clicking here, RSA Heading

Keep in mind that as a beneficiary of this aid, you can benefit from many grants such as the Christmas bonus. See the article on aid to recipients of the RSA. Photo credit: © Andrey Popov and Photographer.eu/Fotolia

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