Who uses chatbots?

ChatBots are being very useful for businesses that are incorporating this tool into their digital strategy. In fact, there has been an increase in the financial and health sector, as these items are seeking to integrate virtual assistants to improve their customer experience. But do you want to know which businesses use chatbots most ? Read this article to learn more.

1. Banks are the businesses that use chatbots most in their strategy

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One of the businesses that use chatbots most are banks, that is, banks. For example, in Peru, banks such as BCP, BBVA, Banco Azteca, among others, have coupled chatbots on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to provide a conversational service. In addition, they are integrating virtual assistants that allow you to advise customers in a personalized manner and shortly time.

2. Hospitals and clinics related to the health sector are also the businesses that use chatbots

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The health sector is also employing new digital strategies , where chatbot integration is an essential part of better healthcare opportunities. In Peru, companies such as RIMAC Seguros, private clinics, have created virtual assistants to detect possible cases of Covid-19, and treat other cases and diseases virtually to prevent infections.

3. Business dedicated to e-commerce

Companies such as Amazon, Alibaba (and Aliexpress), among other giant e-commerce brands have been opting for years to use chatbots for ecommerce . This strategy allows all its users and customers, who are part of the digital age, to be able to make purchases reliably and safely, thanks to virtual assistants.

By integrating bots, it has allowed them to reduce the percentage of complaints or complaints, and rather, it gives them full support to their customers.

4. Business related to customer service

Companies offering customer service are also betting on the use of new technologies such as chatbots. For example, companies like call centers use a fast system, where information needs to be delivered in seconds. To do this, they use AI chatbots that provide them with immediate and relevant answers to satisfactorily meet customer demands.

5. Tourism-related businesses

Despite the fact that the pandemic has reduced income from tourism, there are still doubts or consultations from people who had booked hotels, flights, tourist packages in advance. Therefore, the use of chatbots has become important, as it allows them to provide answers regarding the needs of customers , and those who also have doubts about opening trips to different countries.

In addition, it helps users to keep them updated with new measures, restrictions or requirements regarding COVID-19, as for the time being, they are changing little by little, until everything can be normalized.

These 5 industries have integrated chatbots, making it easier for them to serve their customers, improve the sales process, advise the customer during the purchase, provide useful tips, among other features that streamline procedures and reduce time. At ZYXME Conversations, a chatbot agency in Lima, we help you integrate chatbots for your business . Schedule a demo with us.

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